Day.... What day is it?

With all the chaos in the world, (COVID, elections, .. weather), it was hard to get back into the groove of creating. But, here I am! Halloween is around the corner and nothing gets my Sewing engine humming like holiday time! I’ve been busy creating masks, Witch Hats, Halloween bags, costumes, all of it. But even as enthusiastic as I am about the coming holidays, with COVID looming large on the horizon it’s hard to feel truly happy about anything. Gray clouds hang over anything we used to find joy in, and that can make day to day life kinda hard. But there is where I hope to bring a nice pumpkin-light glow to your world. When I make my costumes and things, I listen to good music, drink tasty drinks, watch fun movies. I do this to infuse my garments with my happiness, that since of well-being that we currently are missing. The goal is when you put it on you will feel that happiness, that moment of joy that things are kinda scary but this cool coat is my armor against the sad and blah feelings of the world. 

So, that’s what I have been up to. If you think Halloween here on Queen Sized is going to be big, just wait until Christmas. Holy Shizzle. Stay strong, I’ve got your armor ;)